Ask the Realtor…

ASK THE REALTOR!  Have you ever thought about selling your home here in the View?  Dan Rubin is not only a resident of the View, he’s also a realtor with Columbus Realty Source.  Information is key to understanding how to effectively sell your home.  Before jumping in, think about this:

Your home is probably worth a lot more than you think.  Smaller affordable homes in close proximity to popular areas of town are in high demand among young professionals and couples.  University View certainly fits the bill for these motivated buyersMost homes in our neighborhood should be selling for well over $200,000.  Unfortunately, some sell under market value because owners think it would be easier to deal with investors offering cash, sell the home privately or list with a real estate agent who is not familiar with the area.  When homes sell under market value it ultimately hurts everyone by bringing the perceived value of the entire neighborhood downSelling to investors will also result in more renters in the neighborhood instead of actual homeowners.

It is often less expensive than you might think to fix up your home before putting it in the market so there is no need to sell at a discount to an investor. In most cases if done intelligently you can expect to get back much more than you spend on improvements.  An experienced Realtor can give advice on what improvements are needed to ensure your home sells for top dollar.  They can also help eliminate or at the very least reduce much of the hassle involved with selling your home. Before selling to an investor or entering into a private transaction it could be worth your time to have a quick talk with a real estate agent.  It may not only be beneficial for you but also the neighborhood in general.  You can contact Dan at or 614-499-9954.

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