UVCA Area Park Improvements Coming….

If you weren’t able to attend the March UVCA meeting, you missed out on some exciting news!  Three new improvements are underway to our new park areas.  First, the UVCA approved the planting of two new Horse Chestnut trees  in the Triangle Park.  These are replacing the three trees that were cut down last fall.

Secondly, some time ago the Clinton Township trustees had approved the addition of 5 new Oak trees for the Chambers Circle park area.  These will planted this spring.  Finally, we also had a special guest invited by Skip Apple (Township Manager) to discuss possible improvements to the Chambers Circle park.  Tom Kessle spoke about returning the area to a more native setting and the importance of bringing wildlife to the area.   This COULD include new native trees (like Horse Chestnuts, Oaks, Buckeyes, etc), wild plants/flowers, a wetlands area, a community garden and a Monarch Butterfly park as well as a play area. All of this would help support a native eco-system and improve the park area long term.  You can check out the initial drawing below.  This is NOT finalized, nor approved.  It was simply a first draft with zero input from the UVCA or township.  Think of it as a starting off point.  It is only included here to keep everyone informed and hopefully get some input.  One book he highly recommended for those who want to support native species is “Bringing Home Nature” by Douglas Tallamy.