LEVY #48: To Support the Clinton Township Police

How much do you know about your Clinton Township Police Department?  One of the benefits of being a township is the fact that we have our own police department.  One that responds to our needs in a timely manner and actively participates in the day-to-day goings on of our community.  DID YOU KNOW:

  • 10 Full Time Officiers
  • 4 Part Time Officers
  • 1 K9 Officier (Maverick)
  • In 2015 Clinton Township Police handled 9,721 service calls
  • 122 calls for mutual aid from another jurisdiction
  • Made 547 arrests and transports of persons for violent misdemeanors and felonies.  (Most non-violent misdemeanor incidents are issued a summons)
  • Investigated 337 traffic crashes
  • Issued 2,787 traffic citations
  • Patrolled 149,188 miles of township roads

Please show your support and VOTE for LEVY 48.  Help keep Clinton Township safe.

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