2021 UVCA Christmas Contest Winners!

Thank you everyone who got out there and decorated their homes for the holidays! It’s great to see neighbors light up the View!

We had 4 categories this year:

Most Extravagant, Lights Only, Day Decor Only,

Lights & Other Decorations Together.

The winners are: ($100 1st Place; $50 2nd Place; $25 Honorable Mention).

Most Extravagant: First Place: 1664 Hess Blvd., Second Place: 1670 Rhoda Ave., Honorable Mention: 1824 Hess Blvd.

Lights Only: First Place: 1020 Sells Ave., Second Place: 1783 Gerrard Ave., Honorable Mention: 934 Sells Ave.

Day Decor Only: First Place: 1815 Gerrard Ave., Second Place: 867 W. 8th Ave., Honorable Mention: 1658 Hess Blvd.

Lights & Other Decorations: First Place: 906 W. 10th Ave., Second Place: 1665 Rhoda Ave., Honorable Mention: 886 W. 10th Ave.

Thank you to the judges as well as the generous contribution of prize money from a neighbor. Prize money will be distributed to winners within a week.

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