Clinton Township Fire Levy Information.

NOTE: The UVCA does not endorse or oppose this or any levy or ballot measure. Chief Fraley asked to share this information with our neighbors, so here is his post, unedited.

All township departments, fire, police and road, are funded through tax levies. The cost of these levies is paid through the resident’s property taxes. Tax levies are department specific and can not be used for any other purpose.

The Clinton Township Fire Department has a 7.5 mill Fire Levy on the ballot for March 17, 2020. This levy will assist the fire department with increased operating and equipment costs, maintaining current staffing levels and to continue operations for several years to come.

Clinton Township residents have the lowest tax rate for any township operated fire department in Franklin County.  The fire department has requested two levies in the last 35 years totaling 3 mills.  During this time operating and equipment costs have drastically increased.  In 2003 a basic pumper (engine) cost $250,000.00 and today that cost is $650,000.00.  A medic vehicle was $90,000.00 and today it is $230,000.00.    

In 2016 delinquent taxes reduced fire departments tax revenue by $130,000.00.  In 2019 another reduction of $170,000,00 occurred due to an economic development issue the township had no control over.  These reductions combined with other cuts such as the Commercial Activity Tax has cost the fire department nearly $400,000.00 in tax revenue in the last four years.  The department has used EMS billing revenue and CEDA funds to continue operations.  EMS billing revenue comes from insurance payments for transporting patients to the hospital.  These funds have assisted the department for several years but as more medic vehicles are placed in-service in the area we can no longer rely on this revenue.  Assistance from CEDA funds will continue with purchasing vehicles.

No fire department funds were used for construction of the new facility on Cleveland Avenue.  That project was funded by the revenue from the Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) with Grandview Heights.  The fire department would not have been capable of funding a new facility.

One mill generates $106,585.74 per year.

The cost to a resident with a $100,000.00 market value home would be $0.73 per day or $21.88 per month.

For any questions or concerns please contact Chief Brian Fraley at 614-475-0022 or

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