UVCA Earth Day Clean Up

Saturday, April 27th was the annual UVCA Earth Day Clean Up at the Chambers Road park and the Firehouse #62 Clinton Township Rain Garden. Due to the massive cut back of the honeysuckle last year, this years clean up went much quicker!

Carol Stuart planted her annual flowers in beds and planters around the firehouse and other neighbors like Michelle Coneglio, Wayne Newman, Bobbie Olt, Pat182A6848-D80D-4449-A5C1-37C6C1113D7E1B761C80-CCC5-4E1E-9580-07D8DDD8ACB7444A7857-6D50-456F-83E1-DCA2378998D1 Deacon and Tom Snyder helped with raking and garbage collecting.

Thanks to all that came out to help and make the View more Beautiful!

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