Meet the Candidate: Carl Reardon


This November we will have two open seats for Clinton Township Trustees.  There are three candidates. Aliena Sword,  Wayne Newman & Carl Reardon. All three received the same questions.  Their responses are posted in full, as received.  The UVCA does not endorse any candidate.

UNIVERSITY VIEW CIVIC ASSOCIATION (UVCA): What is your connection to the township?  

CARL REARDON (CR): I have lived in the Township since 1985. We have raised 2 children on Elmore Avenue, my wife died in 2006. I met Karen in 2009. She grew up in Linden and now lives in Clinton Township.

UVCA: What experience (personal or professional) do you possess that would be of benefit to the community?  Education?

CR: I have been a Trustee for 8 years, I understand what a trustee does and how to work with other agencies. I have worked at the Franklin County Recorder’s Office since 1992 as a supervisor and 17 years as an administrator. I hold a BA in Business Administration from Maryville College in Tennessee.

UVCA: Describe what you believe is the greatest challenge for the township?

CR: The biggest challenge for any urban township is to not to lose property by annexation.

UVCA:  What would be your top 1-2 priorities while in office and how would you finance them?

CR: My first priority would be to apply a strategic development plan, in conjunction to our land use plans and overlays, to our business areas. We are in the processes of commissioning a study and a plan. we would use our JEDZ/CEDA funds for the plan to create stable businesses.

I would also like to see the creation of small parks areas on the east side of the township. We are accumulating properties in our land bank that could be used for this purpose. I believe this will help strengthen the community. The costs would mostly be maintenance and could be covered by CEDA funds.

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