UVCA Community Garden? Let’s hear from you!

The UVCA is discussing the possibility of putting in a community garden off the west side of Chambers Circle.  Details are still developing, but initial input has been in favor of further discussion.  Now we want to hear from others in the community.  Would you use it?  Would you be interested in working in the garden?  Please attend the next UVCA meeting 3/21 at the firehouse and join the discussion.   Another suggestion was that we could use it as a teachable moment for the children, teaching them to grow and to tend a garden.  It just takes enough interested people!   If you’re not able to attend, please contact a UVCA board member.  We look forward to hearing from you!


5 thoughts on “UVCA Community Garden? Let’s hear from you!

    • Please plan on attending the next UVCA meeting 5/16 where we will be discussing, among other business, the garden development, size, layout, etc!


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